Thief under arrest due to stolen ornamental plants

On March 19, Phu My Hung Security Team arrested one guy who used to steal the ornamental plants in Phu My Hung. The fact was that on March 16, this guy stole 2 apricot trees, one in Nam Long 2 Complex and another one in Nam Thien 2 Complex. When returning to Phu My Hung, he was identified by PMH security guards who then followed close behind him. After going around the complexes, the guy drove to Tan My Market direction. When stopping at the traffic light on Nguyen Luong Bang Street, he was detained and taken to the police Station of Tan Phong Ward by PMH security Guards. The security guards also informed to two owners whose plants were stolen to come to Tan Phong Police Station to report their incidents .

At the police station, the thief mentioned his name as Doan Ngoc Ng., born in 1975, living in Nha Be County. He admitted stealing 2 apricot trees before.

In case of security problems, please contact Phu My Hung Security Team through hotline: (028) 5411 3113

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